Are you a digital rights defender, journalist, whistleblower, or blogger? Then you definitely need digital rights toolkit, AYETA.

AYETA was developed by the Paradigm Initiative as a 2020 Stanford Digital Civil Society Fellowship project, with additional support from the Netherlands Human Rights Fund.

“We believe in a world where everyone (young people, parents, educators, policymakers, stakeholders) will gradually become actors in securing a better online experience,” said PIN

Basically, the toolkit is designed with the overarching aim of addressing the growing need to safeguard the above group as well as those working with sensitive information in the global South.

“The toolkit provides digital security tips, measures to be taken against potential threats, and includes detailed information about digital security actors,” said PIN

Ayeta features a calendar of relevant digital rights events in Africa, links to resources such as digital security case studies from selected African countries, model policy briefs, media releases, and model coalition statements.

Additionally, Ayeta has incorporated the element of gamification as an opportunity to lower the learning curve.

PIN is dedicated to making the toolkit user-friendly and ensuring it remains a living resource by making newer versions available annually.

Visit to download the toolkit, play games and more