RightsCon, an annual event that brings together different stakeholders working at the intersection of human rights and technology has officially kicked off.

The 2021 edition of RightsCon which is also the 10th anniversary of the event, will take place online from 7 to 11 June.

Brought to you by Access Now, RightsCon is basically a place where various stakeholders such as the media, governments, tech companies etc convene to strategise and network.

“Every year, we bring together business leaders, human rights defenders, government representatives, technologists, and journalists from around the world to tackle the most pressing issues at the intersection of human rights and technology,” read part of the invite on the RightsCon website 

The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) will also be among the participants of the event this year which will also address issues concerning human rights in the digital space, a feminist internet, access and digital inclusion, social justice, and environmental sustainability.

“APC’s participation at this year’s edition of RightsCon will focus on bringing alternative and global South approaches to discussions on strategies to counter gender-based violence online, the intersections between technology, social justice, environmental justice and rights, how cyber norms work in real life, the political choices behind the use of online collaboration tools, private sector accountability, and how to counter digital exclusion,” said APC on its website.

Some of the topics to be tackled during the conference include integrating environmental and social justice into transparency reporting in the tech sector and structures that silence: countering digital exclusion of the most marginalised in online spaces.

Speakers will also tackle topics like Cyber norms: Do they hold up IRL (in real life)? And Online collaboration tools: Which one is right for you?

The speakers at the event have also been drawn from all over the world. Some of the speakers from Africa include Peace Oliver Amuge the Executive Director Women Uganda Network (WOUGNET), Zaituni Njovu of Zaina Foundation Tanzania, Catherine Muya a Tech Policy fellow, Lawyers Hub Kenya, South Africa’s Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng, and Paradigm Shift’s  Gbenga Sesan  among others

You can sign up for the event here