City Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has sued communication consultant Njeri Thorne for alleged defamation on Twitter. According to the court documents presented by Mr Abdillahi, Njeri Thorne, a communications consultant, on her twitter handle, labelled him a money launderer, which has disparaged his character.

The Lawyer further said that the said tweets, which were published in the month of July were published with the sole intention of discrediting, embarrassing and lowering his dignity in his capacity as a respected member of the society and as an advocate.

“The offending publications were calculated to disparage the trade, profession and business being carried on by the Plaintiff,” he said in the case.

Justice Mbogholi Msagha certified the case as urgent and barred Ms Thorne, whose Twitter handle as more than 21,000 followers,  from making more posts about Mr Abdullahi, pending the hearing of the case.

“Based on the material presented, there are compelling reasons to grant interim orders in terms of prayers B and C of the application to last for 14 days from 12th August 2020. It is so ordered,” the Judge said.

His lawyer Omwanza Ombati told the court that the tweets are still exhibited on her twitter handle and being circulated, thus bringing further ridicule, scorn, and disdain on Mr Abdullahi. He further stated that his client, is not involved whatsoever in crime, piracy, money laundering or any criminal activity; nor has he ever been investigated for, charged, or convicted of any offence in that regard.

He added that the tweets could not have been made by a fair person, “no matter how prejudiced, however, exaggerated and obstinate they are”, but for malice.

Mr Ombati said his client has never met nor interacted with Ms Thorne and she remains a total stranger to him. He prayed for the court to grant him legal redress, by way of damages, in different heads/clusters, and affiliated reliefs.

The case will be heard on 25 August.