Rapper Jim Nyamwaka Nyakundi was arrested for alleged defamation of character and taken to Kisii Central Police Station for questioning.

The Kisii County-based rapper popularly known as Smallz Lethal was arrested and interrogated because of his newly released song dubbed “ I’m offended” where he criticized the Kisii county Governor for being corrupt and not delivering on his promises. The song has since gone viral on YouTube.

In his lyrics, he says

Ongwae pia we umetuangushanga. Tusianzie mbali. Cheki barabara, aibu kubwa kwa watu wetu wa hapa. Connection ya Bosongo town hadi Suneka Na hio soko umekula mpaka mikeka. Jua lisemwalo linakuanga na ukweli. Wananchi wakikuona wanakuona tu kwa telly, yaani wewe kua governor imekua tu kejeli.” (Ongwae, you have always let us down. Look at the poor state of our roads. The market is also in bad state. Citizens only see you on television. This is a total shame to Kisii residents. Your leadership is a mockery.)

The rapper was arrested at his home in Kisii, on Monday,27th April at 4 pm by three officers and released after a three-hour interrogation. He says he was not officially charged therefore his name does not appear on the occurrence book. He was called the next day for a private meeting which he never went to.

Posting on his social media after his release, the rapper said he was okay and was interrogated on defamation of character. He also said that he was offered reimbursement for the ‘ I’m Offended’ project if he deleted the video from YouTube. 

He thanked his fans for the support and assured them that he would not be intimidated, by saying it was “just the beginning of this course.”

 “My experiences in this County inspired me to write the song. Charity begins at home. My goal is to create a youth organization that makes sure the youth voices are listened to and we hold every leader into account,” Says Small Lethal.

Smallz Lethal names 2-Pac as his musical influence. His advice to his fans is to always be on the side of the truth no matter what and to be involved in their county development issues. He has also called on leaders to support music, arts and creativity as a source of income, and to be accountable for their actions.