Njeri Wangari, a blogger at Kenyanpoet.com, was arrested by police officers while attempting to take pictures of runners being dispersed by the officer. She was bundled into a police vehicle and taken to Kabete Police station without being told the reasons for the arrest.

Her predicament was first highlighted by Human Rights Activist Boniface Mwangi in a Tweet after Njeri called him and informed him of her situation.
“She says she had a mask on, and she doesn’t know why she was arrested,” said Mwangi in the tweet.

Mwangi later updated his Twitter, stating that Njeri was freed and was on her way home in a police vehicle.
“Dagoretti North OCPD George Cedah and Kabete Police Station OCS, Benson Mathenge ordered her release and instructed police officers who arrested her to take her home.”


Speaking about her ordeal in a Twitter thread, Njeri noticed that joggers were scattering and upon inquiring, she was informed that the police were dispersing everyone and telling them to go home. She then took out her phone and started taking photos. She explained that she was a blogger and a writer, but she was nevertheless bundled in a police van. The van quickly headed towards Kabete Police station. While in the van, the officer grabbed her phone. The misunderstanding was resolved a while later and she was taken home.


Njeri Wangari is a published author, spoken word artist, writer, speaker, PR and content strategist. She is passionate about arts, culture, technology and new media advocacy in Africa.