Kenyan Lawyer Peter Wanyama has sued fellow lawyer Nelson Havi for allegedly publishing defamatory content against him on Social Media platforms. Havi apparently did this through various posts published on Twitter and Facebook.

Wanyama, through his lawyer Humphrey Manyange, claims that Havi through his Twitter account  @NelsonHavi, and his Facebook account he posted various defamatory posts. He apparently published the posts on 3rd January 2019. Some of the posts that were published by Havi include;

“Peter Wanyama is a known collaborator of judiciary cartels whose agenda and scheme is known. Onslaught against Professor Tom Ojienda is to control JSC and appoint pliant CJ, DCJ and SCOK Judges. CoA Judge Otieno Odek a witness against Ojienda is an obvious intended beneficiary.”

“This pronouncement confirms that you are continuing investigations on Professor Tom Ojienda in contravention of the Order made on 31.12.2018. It also explains how Peter Wanyama has been procured to enable you arrive at a pre-determined outcome of the matter…”

“Peter Wanyama is a shameless traitor and a wet boy. He has been hovering around professor Tom Ojienda and his legal team, collecting intelligence and transmitting it to his masters. He is indeed a witness in the intended prosecution of his master and mentor. Judas Iscariot reborn.”

“DCI has a damning file on Peter Wanyama relating to theft of millions from a county Government in Western Kenya, which file has not been acted upon. It does not, therefore, surprise that he has been sanitized overnight from a suspect to a witness against Professor Tom Ojienda.”

In his petition, Wanyama argues that the posts by Havi were published with malicious falsehood with the intention of hurting his professional standing and that they amount to serious libel. He added that they have caused him grave damage, distress and embarrassment among family, his peers and community at large which damage is irreparable.

Wanyama wants the court to order a permanent injunction restraining Havi from writing or publishing, any defamatory statements about him and an apology and retraction of similar prominence as the defamatory statement. He also wants the court to grant general damages for libel, general damages for malicious falsehood, aggravated and exemplary damages, damages for psychological and emotional distress and costs of this suit together with interest.

Read the full Peter Wanyama Defamation petition.