Blogger Dennis Owino has been sued by The Aga Khan University Hospital and it’s CEO Shawn Baluoki for an article he published on Kenya Insights. Dennis, the  Twitter handle @Kinyanboy and blogs at, wrote an article titled: Shawn Bolouki And the Rot At Aga Khan Hospital Exposes Patients To Grave Dangers dated 22nd June 2018.

In his article, he wrote,

The reputable hospital is sitting on a time bomb with a dejected staff who’re by design putting the lives of many patients who put their trust in the facility in grave danger. According to multiple sources we’ve been talking to during this investigation, the hospital which has long been run by the Ismaili Community is at its worse and most hostile state under the CEO Mr Shawn Bolouki who is described as terrifically racist and mighty arrogant.

In the article, among other allegations, Dennis Owino says that the Hospital Management has been firing local, experienced staff and replacing them with foreigners from Pakistan and Iran. The story further alleges that last year, about 400 staff members who had worked with the hospital some for decades were axed without notice, not even a court interjection could stop this mass firing. It adds that the hospital which is run by the Ismaili group used its tentacles to ensure the government does not interfere with the decision.

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The case was filed on the  3rd July before Justice Msagha Mbogholi of the civil division. The case, Civil Suit 160 of 2018, is labelled ‘fast track’ in a public notice published in the Daily Nation.

The Judge ordered Dennis Owino to file a response to the case now scheduled for hearing on 30th July 2018 or the said motion would be heard and determined in their absence notwithstanding.

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