With technology advances, the risks on what we do online increases. Every day, there are new ways to work, study and even play. New methods of interacting with each other are also developing. We can use our phones and computers to access government services, pay bills and even request for a taxi or boda-boda. All this require access to our personal data hence growing our digital footprint and creating our own digital identities. Someone can know which services you have applied for online, such as a passport application, which flight you have paid for and when you  have requested for a taxi to take you to the airport. All these are information you wouldn’t want everyone to know.

How can we protect our online identity from bad actors/hackers who can use the information against us at their own will? Digital security much like protecting our houses from burglars is also security that is much needed in today’s digital world.

Digital security is an inclusive term which includes the tools we can use to secure our identity, assets and technology in the online and mobile world. Digital security protects our online identity. As criminals find new ways to steal information from online users for their own personal gain, tools are also being created to protect ourselves from them. These tools include anti-virus software, web services and mobile applications.

Join us on the 22nd of March as we discuss digital security, the tools we can use to protect ourselves from the online world and how we can be active citizens in creating safe online spaces for everyone in the online world.

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Date: Thursday 22/03/2018

Time: 11am – 2 pm

Hashtag: #DigitalSecurityKe