Some members of Blogger Cyrian Nyakundi’s family were arrested by Police Officers drawn from the Special Crimes Prevention Unit in what is believed to be attempts to get them to ensure Nyakundi surrenders himself to the police. The police stormed them at their an apartment on Sunday, 28th January in what Nyakundi says they were pursuing him over a series of articles posted on his blog.

Police have however been numb on the matter.

It is unclear which specific articles the Special Crimes Prevention Unit officers feel were tantamount to crimes.

“Over and above the assault and torture, the police then took a vehicle which they have identified as being owned by Cyprian Nyakundi, and drove it to the Nairobi Area Police Station under the guise that it has been reported as stolen, and that Mr. Nyakundi himself must go and collect it with its ownership documents” read a statement by the blogger.

The house was also ransacked with the police officers carrying away all their gadgets including cellphones and computers.

At the same time, the bloggers platform, faced multiple attacks, forcing his hosts to temporarily suspend it, pending further security upgrades.

“I condemn the Special Crimes Prevention Unit, for being misused as someone’s private property. It’s these acts that make the public lose trust in the Police Service as a whole”, Nyakundi added.