Blogger Robert Alai yesterday spent the night at the Kamukunji Police Station in what his lawyer calls ‘incitement to violence’ allegations.

Hi lawyer, Edward Oonge who secured his release today said the OB at the police station read incitement to violence but they did not add much to it. He however read malice, stating that those were flimsy charges.

Alai was arrested on Friday evening at 4.30pm on Mombasa Road and taken to Kamukunji. It is believed that the story he wrote on the death of a member of the first family which also had photos led to his arrest.

In the story, he confirmed that the first family lost Noma Kanja, mother-in-law to Muhoho Kenyatta. Muhoho Kenyatta is the younger brother of President Uhuru Kenyatta. Noma is the mother to Erika Kanja, wife to Muhoho Kenyatta.

After his release, he thanked Kenyans on Twitter for agitating for his release


But he seemed to confirm it is the Kenyatta family story that led to his arrest when he thanked Jomo Gecage, Uhuru’s Private Secretary for helping secure his release.


His lawyer affirmed that he is not expected to appear before any court or go back to the police station.

The arrest is tantamount to intimidation, meant to silence free speech in the country.