A Kajiado resident, Longton Jamil was held in police custody on suspicion of spreading hate messages. He is the WhatsApp administrator on a group called Kajiado Unity of Purpose which the police allege he shared hate messages in it.

Hi lawyer Evans Mirieri while disputing the charges, also read “malice” in the incarceration of his client by police. His client was arrested on Saturday and his phone confiscated. The lawyer gave Isinya police five days to arrest, charge Jamil and return his phone they allegedly confiscated.

Mr. Mirieri further protested “continuous” threats targeted on his client by police.

He claimed his client was arrested and grilled for hours on end last Saturday without a warrant from the authorities and linked the incarceration with previous “incidents” between Jamil and the local provincial administration.

Isinya OCPD, Stephen Weda however denied they were keeping Jamil’s phone illegally, adding that they are investigating its use on “content” that they suspect borders on “incitement”.

Weda said they do not require a warrant from anybody to arrest and detain a suspect or gadgets under investigation.

Longton Jamil was allegedly arrested and released on Saturday last week under instructions from a senior provincial administrator and placed in custody police custody for close to five hours.

The police said they are investigating Jamil over a post on the WhatsApp group detailing a number of people killed in the country after the announcement of presidential results last week.

Jamil insists the post was based on the number provided by the Kenya Human Rights Commission on national TV stations without any alteration.

The WhatsApp admin had earlier been picked up by authorities prior to the General Elections over hate pamphlets he claimed had been disbursed in Kitengela.

While Kajiado County Commissioner Harsama Kello had affirmed that he will be charged on Monday, this has yet to happen. He was spreading alarming propaganda on social media including disturbing photos of dead people, the Commissioner said. He added that they are warning people who misuse media that their days are numbered.

Mr. Longton Jamil who is a businessman in Kitengela denied posting any such information.