A Buyer Beware Facebook Group administrator has defended members of the group from allegations that they aggravated the suicide of 29-year-old Brenda Akinyi Maone Waru.

It is alleged that the deceased sourced assistance from the group as her last resort but group members bullied her. Finding that she was not getting any help, she committed suicide on Friday, May 12th near Kabete Police Station in Uthiru. She threw herself in front on incoming vehicle which crashed her. She died on the spot.

Speaking on the matter, Jackson Njeru, one of the Buyer Beware administrators took issue with the current reporting on the matter. He said that the focus of the debate should be on failed institutions like the Police where she had gone for help without success and not the Group.

Brenda’s woes started when she went to the group to share her story that her friend had defiled her three year old daughter.

In a telephone conversation aired by NTV, Brenda is heard talking to a Jeff, where she says the man, Richard, has defiled her daughter. She is asking for help. “Jeff I need your help, I am begging you. Can you imagine a three year old being done that,” she mourns.

In the story, a lady called Damaris Too says that she took her phone to check on previous records and learnt that she had desperately contacted many people seeking their assistance to no success. It is thereafter that she decided to go to Facebook for assistance.

When the lady made the comment on the Group, an administrator, Ms. Mildred Owiso reached out to her to remove the post but also sent her contact details where she can get assistance. It is unfortunate that when she went to the police, the officer is said to have asked for sex, which she yielded by failed to assist her, he added.

Jackson added that they removed the post because they felt it was a sensitive issue. They also felt that they had given her assistance since the group has many professionals who always get in touch with them to assist in such cases.

However, Jackson adds that when she came back after the police officer ordeal, people probed her for more information like the OB number which she failed to provide. She became rude and in no time, they heard she had committed suicide.

But a screen grab as part of the story aired by NTV adds a twist to the story on what the admin, Ms. Owiso felt on the narrative.

A screen grab from the NTV story

Her friend, Brenda Nyakerario, told Nairobi News that she was suffering from depression when she posted it online. According to her, she was ridiculed for lack of morals which could have led her to commit suicide for seeing there was no help.

The matter is being investigated a road accident.

The deceased was laid to rest at her parents’ home in Tanzania on Thursday, May 18.