Justice Lucy Mwihaki Njuguna has issued an arrest warrant against blogger Cyprian Nyakundi for failing to show up in court in person for sentencing after being found guilty of contempt of court.

The blogger was found guilty of contempt of court after he failed to comply with court orders, barring him from commenting on Safaricom’s CEO Bob Collymore and former CEO Michael Joseph who have sued him for defamation. He was supposed to desist from commenting on the two directly and indirectly through his social media pages and blog.

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He has consistently disobeyed court orders barring him from discussing the matters before court in the matter attracting a conviction for contempt of court. In September last year, he was given a warning by the same judge after successful pleading for leniency by his lawyer Ann Nderu.

Last week, the Nyakundi was supposed to attend the court in person but failed, leading the Judge to move the sentencing to today. The judge said that she cannot allow him to continue failing to honor court summons.

 Civil suit 159/2016 was listed for today, 9.00 am at Milimani Law Courts.