Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi will be called to the dock to answer to contempt of court charges on January, 19th 2017.

Justice Lucy Njuguna Mwihaki gave the orders in the case in which Safaricom’s Bob Collymore and Michael Joseph had sued him for defamation. When the court held its first mention, it ordered that the blogger stops mentioning the two on his social media pages and blog both directly and with his agents.

In September this year, the court let him go with a warning against continuous contempt of court in the same defamation suit.

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At the time, he argued and the court let him go that, he had not been given case documents on contempt-of-court proceedings against him commenting over the matter.

The blogger had also argued that his posts were fair comments on matters of public interest but was remorseful that the plaintiffs found them defamatory.

The ruling yesterday, come hours after he started an online campaign with the hashtag  . The online posts from him were directed against Safaricom, who have sued him separately for defamation and have a court order against mentioning them in a case and Bob Collymore personally.


He also retweeted many posts that disparaged Bob Collymore’s character.

The blogger could be fined, sent to jail or both.