We will  launch the second state of the internet report on 28th of November 2016 at Nailab. The report is published under this project which is an initiative of the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE). We launched the first report, dubbed State of Blogging and Social Media in Kenya last year. It can be found here ifree.co.ke/reports.

The report titled ‘The State of the Internet in Kenya 2016’ recognizes the various milestones made in the past one year since the previous report was published. For instance, it shows the tangible growth of bloggers during the past year in terms of increase in capacity and revenues.

It also underscores bloggers concerns in the coming year, especially around the 2017 General Elections.

Commenting on the big day ahead, BAKE’s Chairman Kennedy Kachwanya says he looks forward to receiving comments on how the report has documented events of the past year.

“The report is quite robust in terms of appreciating the different issues and players that have shaped the internet in the past one year. It also shows tremendous growth of the sector, especially bloggers who are now becoming voices of authority in the country,” he remarked.

Eng. Victor Kyalo – PS, ICT & Innovation – Ministry of ICT will be the Chief Guest.

Human rights issues have been highlighted as taking a central role during the year.

It equally celebrates the good work done by bloggers, human rights defenders and organizations supporting internet freedom work.

“We envision institutions helping to grow the internet in Kenya and also individuals laying claim to the space. It is still nascent but with great potential,” Kachwanya added.