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Shitemi Khamadi is a blogger. He writes on governance, business and politics. He also trains on blogging and social media.

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  1. Ageeth
    August 12, 2015 @ 9:53 am

    I truly was touched by this story, sent to me by Jason. What a gift he sent to me and what a gift Sarafina is to all of us! I’m in the procses of transitioning from one volunteer post in the former Soviet Union to Kitui, a few hours south of Sarafina’s site. The people she describes are part of the reason for my transition. And the issues are the same across many rural areas of Kenya and I will remember this story on those days (which I know will happen) when I want to scream, What am I doing here? Sarafina is such an inspiration beyond Bristol and Isiolo!


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